Before the age of man, a third of the angels were cast from Heaven. Most were banished to the lake of fire, plotting revenge. Those left in Heaven sought out the newest creatures created by the Father, man.

Man was anointed with holy gifts and righteous attributes powerful enough to defend against Lucifer and his army. The Holy Angels appointed them defenders, ultimately creating the Patriarch’s Covenant.

It was foretold that the last holy war and man kinds extinction would begin when the prophet and law giver were publicly executed.

The season for Lucifer’s return was upon us, and this time, the holy angels were ready.

My name is Grace.

I was starting my junior year of high school when I found out the truth. Our small South Texas town, would be the site where the last holy war began.

Lucifer was free, the prophet and the law giver were here, and I was the catalyst that mankind relied on to save them.

Written by Patricia Adams